When the FBI suspects you of a crime, but you're inside on the game.

Basically how crazy people sound on some games if you take it out of context.

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  • So I chopped his legs off, and he didn’t die, so I set him on fire

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  • It's all coming true now.

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  • This one is my favorite.

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  • New ps4 update be like

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  • How often this happen in E.U.A? WTF? LoL


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  • Here after ps4 started recording there parties

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  • PS4 parties be like:

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  • yeah his not normal His a "GAMER"

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  • PlayStation parties now

    plz don't askplz don't ask2 күн мурун

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  • Caleb: “And then I set him in fire” FBI:”.........Alright imma need back up”

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  • i know im late but i wanna know y there r so many dislikes?

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  • What FBI goes alone lol

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  • My ears burn

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  • What game is this bro😂😂

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  • You laugh, but this is the entire plot of death note

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  • Oh yeah I hate when that happens

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  • Ps4 be like

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  • What makes it funnier is that he is on Playstation

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  • that's pretty sus bro

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  • and now that sony's gonna be recording what we say in party chats......

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  • Ps4 update be like

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  • He predicted the PlayStation update

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  • PlayStation parties be like

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  • what game can u carve your name into someones back

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  • This is gonna be Sony listening on us after the update.

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  • New PS4 update

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  • Garbage

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  • Why is this so funny

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  • Plot twist: the man gaming is actually a rapper who murder people tryna rob him and hide them behind his couch

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  • 1:25 when u got diarhea

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  • Bruh the dude talking to the FBI agent on the laptop looks like a black scout from TF2

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  • I can not neither confirm or deny the information of this incident

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  • Gamer:my teammates are garbage FBI guy in the car:THERE’S MORE OF THEM!!!

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  • 0:51 I'm pretty sure you mean win.

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  • At least the controller was on

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    • A KGcode video

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  • Yo what kinda game let’s you chop peoples legs off and lit them on fire and carve your name into their backs and is a team game? I’m tryna get that game

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  • Is no-one gonna talk about the fact that he copied the words he said at 0:13

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  • basically what i have to deal with everyday xD except its more ignorant people

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  • Why do the two agents and the villain look alike? Explain that FBI.

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  • Sounds like he's playing rust to me

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