People that used to play instruments during war.

Seriously though, who decided its was coo to just play a drum while people were in mortal combat
King Kaiyo - Melodic
Oddwin - 19

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  • double the speed double the fun try it

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  • Let's just appreciate how long he held off those dudes

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  • so is nobody gonna talk about the fact that this man can play piano? like DAMN

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  • 1:26 had me dying of laughter 🤣

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  • His acting is so good that sometimes I forget it is him

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  • Gamers in a war be like

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  • Oh, I’m the Whistler. *bruh moment intensifies*

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  • "im a good soilder let me join please" *what instrument can you play tho?*

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  • Where does he get those swords though? Am I the only one wondering this?

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  • When the bard of the party doesn't see a dragon to seduce

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  • You noticed 1:29 they were fighting but when you go after that to 1:40 the kashmerega guys stop fighting because the blade sounds stop or sound lower as if the fight was elsewhere around them they probably was considering him to join them after that fight and felt sorry for him saying kashemerga which could be interpreted as ain't that a shame. 1:40

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  • lol laughed way too hard at this

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  • Ottomans is that you?

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  • Bards get no love

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  • hunting horn users in monster hunter

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  • They were just setting up for the army’s buffs

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  • Ima go find and fight the leader alone for some reason.🤕🤕

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  • Yo y’all taking recruits let me join y’all side please I’m a good soldier I’m dead that was so hilarious

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  • How am I just now seeing this skit for the first time

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  • hunting horn mains from monster hunter

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  • Highkey would be in the back with a twig pretending to orchestrate the band lol

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  • Morale?! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • I have the same drum, it's a rare african drum that has to be hand woven

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  • That castle lookin clean as hell!! 👌

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  • We bards are thankful for this video kkkkkkkkkkkkk

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  • Whats the guy playing on the piano playing? Like its sounds good.

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  • I’m not sure if Caleb is a lotr fan but I noticed he used an Anduril replica. But don’t mind me, I’m just you’re everyday nerd spouting random parcels of information you never needed to know.

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  • The fake language is so fing good ngl

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  • For Honor in nutshell

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  • Yall better not say “fun fact” when he clearly states that musicians just boost your morale

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  • When everyone in your dnd party is a bard except for you.

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  • Useless knowledge for today: Instruments in battle were used to signal to formations and attacks. (Like flanking or to signal archers and such). It also helped to boost moral. Those soldiers were treated as a symbol. So when you seen an unarmed soldier with a horn run into combat, it inspired others to follow in his bravery. It also helped to demoralize the enemy. Same with flag bearers.

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  • Yo he like the male version of Khadi Don!!!’ I love both of them they funny as hell

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  • How I feel when I play for honor with some ppl..

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  • Careful Caleb, recruiters will see this and think you mean it. 😉

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  • For Honor Dominion

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  • Lucio in Overwatch be like:

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  • He legit bought a sword for this video

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    • I think he already had them

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  • He's whistling really good though

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  • That " Me?" from the whistler had me dying lol

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  • It's the battle of the bands.

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  • 0:12

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  • When you still say “THERES TWO ON ME” 6 months later

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  • When your party is full of low level bards, and they want you dead!

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  • 😭

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  • That fucking piano riff killed me

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  • You laugh at the whistler, but you forget (Or Probably just didn't know). The aztec used death whistles that sounded as if someone was screaming when you blew into them in battle. They would blow hundreds of them at the same time, terrifying their enemy and making them unsure- if not causing them to retreat all together. Imagine being in battle marching forwards with your army all confident. *And then you just hear hundreds upon thousands of blood-curtling screams.*

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  • 1:16 what time period is this

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  • Does anyone know what the piano music is at 1:41? Thanks

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  • Yo that man is speaking simlish from the sims 3 and 4 I started to notice when he said “ka shmerga”

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  • Bards...

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  • “Two on me, two on me, I need help in mid” lmaooo

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    • Lol man was giving call outs

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  • Imagine being a drummer boy in the US civil war and getting knee capped by a fucking cannon. Very unpleasant I’d imagine.

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  • It's no wonder he could win, he's fighting the guy who took Aragon's sword

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  • Caleb is so good at acting he doesnt even have to go find a field to film this in. Just his living room.

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  • "vilosfallolihmilioha dobadrat threefreebaha"

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  • Hunting horn mains:

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  • YOOOOO 😂😂

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  • Whistler shouldve 100% blown out his mouth tryna whistle a couple times and just been like "oh wait I cant whistle... whelp guess I can go back to what I was doing then!" and just up an leaves bro I wouldve died

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  • Berserk vibes no?¿

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  • Bro make series of something yu funny as fuck

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  • the For Honor vibe

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  • For honor when your a Warden VS 2 Highlander gankers

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  • nice,

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  • Aye two on me, two on me. Now i have reason to believe he came from the future🤣 dude's like playing call of duty or something.

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  • Can we appreciate his skills of deflection, even while he's on his back...

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  • the drums where used for signals and marching. when you march for that long you need to have a certain rhytm. or the formation fall apart or you go too fast and exhaust your troops

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  • I like the side character in the beginning, who is actually the hero "I'm gonna find the leader alone!"

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  • How it feels to play For Honor sometimes

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  • i’M geTTing juMpeD!!!!!

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  • Recieved Melody Effects: Attack Up, Defense Up, Stamina Usage Reduced, Weapon Deflection Off, Movement Speed Up.

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  • When tanks are getting hit with tank busters and the bards is over in the corner..

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  • Still waiting for the leader part 2, fighting their commander by himself lol

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  • Hunter Horn mains wannabes

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  • Kashmirga

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  • Yooo when the enemy came in and he started speaking about her language bruh 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀😂😂💀😂💀😂😂

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  • Yo Caleb should be a actor

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  • The Northman(2021)

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  • 1:24 ohhhh

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  • Why'd it take me a whole 30 seconds to realize the keyboard made him question the time period 😂

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  • You have to remember often times they were kids playing the instruments.

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  • This man said two on me like it's warzone!

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  • You can tell this is insired by For Honor

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  • "i got two on me, two on me." made me laugh. hard.

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  • He said "yo y'all taking recruits" dead 😂😂😂😂

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  • 1:03

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    ah ha hanah ha han18 күн мурун
  • Just like the MP corps from AOT. Absolutely useless

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  • The voice lines are from For Honor, specifically Highlander

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  • Party comp: 5 bards, 1 fighter...

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  • The Udemy, is right outside our gates!

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  • When your the Fighter. In a group full of Bards.

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  • Dane Cook already covered this one

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  • That casual Ray Charles cameo killed me

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  • ima see you after the battle, i gotta beat the final boss alone for some reason

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  • when you recruit bards without checking their class

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  • Highlander and For Honor in general

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  • The way he uses the word 'yo' is astonishing

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  • Yep. Subbed.

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